2015 Celebration Church Word
2015 Celebration Church Word
11 February 2015

The word this year is "ADVANCE". I believe we are to advance this year like never before, not only within the church by raising leaders, developing cells, winning souls, but advancing out into our communities, into local government, education, business, sport, the world around us has lost its way and is crying out for God given leadership, they may not recognize this, but we know it to be true! I rediscovered this year how much of the church out there, has lost its way, governmentally and are being denied Gods best because he won't bless a house that is out of order. Many years ago God spoke to me about evangelizing the church, it did not make a lot of sense at first, until I realized how many churches had lost their way because of leadership, government issues. The souls caught in these church rarely fulfill their God given destiny. Nancy and I have been feeling a significant shift in the spirit, there's a calling to prayer and God only calls to prayer when he desires to speak and change our direction or our effectiveness, and our fruitfulness. I believe God is addressing what we are doing, how we are doing it and why What: is going to be a redefining of our primary call, we all have the call for souls, but more specifically relating to our personal gifting and what we give our time and effort to. How: will mean a change of approach, God has new ways of doing things he wants to reveal this year, it’s a new year, a new beginning, a new start. Ever wondered why we have new days? new years? it gives us an opportunity to reset our lives, to begin again, to start over with a clean sheet. Don't head into 2015 thinking, things need to just continue on the same as they have been. For some of you change will be forced on you by God and circumstances beyond your control, for others we will need to force ourselves to consider and embrace change, a new way of operation. Family, fitness, friends, finance, business, ministry, every area. Why: goes back to the heart of our motivation, why we do what we do! Our motivation often seems so pure until God crosses over our expectations and requires us to step up, step out, step in, step over, or step aside. Sometimes we actually find ourselves holding on when we should let go, or letting go when we should hold on. Ok! So stop every now and again and ask “why am I doing this?” Don't ask yourself or the wife, ask God. 


Critical Mass: Things are going to reach critical mass in our lives and ministries, "critical mass" is a very crucial stage of personal or church development, when we reach a place of viability. In other words, we can sustain everything in our lives and ministry without having to provide any more effort or investment or energy. The danger here is viability is sustainability, although good, does not mean "Advancement" You can do surgery with a machete or a scalpel the scalpel requires less energy to operate but is way more effective and fruitful I think critical mass is our enemy, I'm finally secure, I’ve made it! This is when we no longer operate in faith. 


Prodigal Power: I struggled this year with the word as God also spoke about "Prodigal Power" people who come back and prosper, like king David, and apostle Peter So I believe we are entering a decade of prodigal prosperity, this is conditional on people repenting and making restitution of course, but the promise to have another chance, not just to exists but to prosper is very exciting. Get back on track and fulfill Gods destiny for your life. God bless all you faith filled men and women Nancy and I are very grateful to have you as part of our family Looking forward to seeing everyone at conference.


Bless Ya,


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