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Beyond a welcoming entry to the auditorium, the Foyer is a versatile stand-alone area suitable for refreshments, displays, smaller meetings or break-out space. Café-style seating is available for up to 80 people.

Further information & Suggested Uses

The Foyer is a generous space that captures the warmth of the afternoon sun. Surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, and adjoining the café, it’s versatility for any function is a strength. It is perfect for:

  • Refreshments
  • Seminars
  • Wedding Reception
  • Break-out Space
  • Displays
VENUE Capacity AV Catering Size
Auditorium 800 Y N 1600m2
Lions Lounge 80 Y Y 168m2
Boardroom 14 Y Y 20m2
Cafe Jireh 124 Y Y 168m2
Conference Room 80 Y Y 1682
Foyer 80 Y Y 200m2
Springbank (Cust) 300 Y Y 1000+m2