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Xpression Dance

“Celebration Events Centre has been really accommodating of our dance school. Rooms have been readily available as we have needed them and we have access to dance mirrors and a great sound system. Our students and their families benefit from the large number of easy off-street parks. We have especially loved the convenience of being able to run dance classes, shows and rehearsals all from one venue. We look forward to working with Celebration Events Centre for many years to come!”

Leearna, Xpression Dance Tutor


Leearna, Xpression Dance Tutor

VENUE Capacity AV Catering Size
Auditorium 800 Y N 1600m2
Lions Lounge 80 Y Y 168m2
Boardroom 14 Y Y 20m2
Cafe Jireh 124 Y Y 168m2
Conference Room 80 Y Y 1682
Foyer 80 Y Y 200m2
Springbank (Cust) 300 Y Y 1000+m2